Reusable cotton filter

One of the simplest, fastest and most efficient ways to gain power is to replace the original disposable paper filter with a high-performance, washable and reusable filter. A washable filter uses an oil-impregnated fabric filter element. This type of filter allows for easy power increase. A washable filter is also the last air filter you will buy! Instead of throwing it away to replace it, it is easy to clean it and reuse it over and over again. A washable filter is mounted in the original air box and complies with the original filter geometry.


Unlike paper disposable filters, the washable filter technology invented more than 40 years ago offers much better performance. The filter element impregnated with oil is sandwiched between two meshes either of aluminum coated with epoxy or synthetic fibers. The mesh of a washable air filter does not rust.
The oiled filter element captures particles and dust in the air while allowing a better air passage than a conventional paper filter. This technology has been in existence for over 40 years and has proven itself in competition.
Better filtration, better air passage, reusable almost indefinitely, these are the advantages of the best air filters in the world.

Certain of the quality of its products, K&N filters even offers an "unlimited" warranty on its products, the One Million Mile Limited Warranty.

A washable filter not only increases the filtration quality but also the overall cost of maintenance. The filters are washable more than 25 times. They are therefore reusable and will last the life of your vehicle.

Changing your old paper filter by a K&N Filters filter does not void the manufacturer's warranty on your vehicle. You have the legal right to use the filter of your choice.


Fuel Economy

The actual calculation of the average consumption of a vehicle is not an easy thing. The manufacturer's estimates rarely reflect the reality of the figures encountered in the daily use of your vehicle. For this reason, manufacturers of washable filters have therefore decided not to officially proclaim figures for consumption gains. We assure you that when you have tried this type of filter, you will judge for yourself the results. At equivalent driving, your vehicle's consumption typically decreases perceptibly.

K&N Warranty Million Mile Limited Warranty® (1.600.000 Km warranty!)
K&N Filters guarantees its air filters for one million miles. When used normally, if a filter has a manufacturing defect, simply return your filter to K&N Filters for a free exchange.